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Family Magic Shows - Sarah DippityMagician - Sarah Dippity

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your dedication to EdVenture's inaugural "Magic Day." Thank you for giving hope to a whole new generation of female performers. You are a true role model, and a fantastic performer!
-Penny Delaney Cothran, EdVenture Children's Museum

Walk-Around Magic

Create a festive atmosphere and entertain your guests as Sarah Dippity strolls around your event performing close-up magic for small groups of adults or children. Sarah's warmth and charm create a feeling of hospitality that makes your guests feel right at home, while her humor and magic entertain and delight them. This form of magic is perfect for entertaining guests as they wait in lines for buffets and carnival rides or wander through your event.


Stage Shows

Bring the laughter and amazement to any stage. Sarah Dippity's stage shows are great at PTA Fundraisers, churches, festivals, holiday parties, or any place you want to delight and entertain a large audience. She can also create theme shows around your event, so be sure to ask.

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